Research & Laboratory Management Software A web based platform developed for Research and Laboratory Management

Our main product is a web-based laboratory management software platform idealized for Research and Laboratory Management. Its a strong alternative to other softwares in the market (labguru, quartzy,…) by offering much more features, like management of processes, procedures, protocols, projects, reports, registry, budgets, orders, stocks, etc… and also by offering a self client web solution where all research and administration data is stored on self servers at client side.

Keep your data near you… Not in others cloud!

This platform was developed to bring Research and/or Laboratory routines to the computer allowing the information to be stored unlimitedly, continuously updated, organized and systematically accessed according to authorization levels.

Managing a scientific research group at laboratorial and administrative levels relies heavily on its size, but is essentially characterized by a complex and multilevel management. Until very recently, the availability of information systems capable of real supporting this type of management required that all processes and procedures were at most registered and organized on paper, making its management time consuming, error prone and difficult to maintain.

This tool was designed to improve and enhance the management of laboratories and research of a research group or any laboratory at various levels, from the documentation, orders, inventories, catalogs and projects, through the management of equipment and users, becoming, definitely, an asset to this research group. It was developed from rules and routines that followed the highest standards of quality that have been developed by the most important research groups for over 10 years.

This platform was designed to become the main tool used, for all researchers, laboratory technicians and managers in developing their research activities and management.

This research and laboratory management platform is the ideal tool for the Research Laboratories that want to implement a Quality Management System because, research and/or laboratory management routines and activities involve more then generation of information. It involves processes, procedures, protocols, projects, reports, registry, budgets, orders, stocks, etc… ANYSOLABS research and laboratory management platform brings all together in one single place helping Research Laboratories to increase productivity and quality.

This web based software was designed to be modular, so it can be easily adaptable to each clients needs.

Here you can find our platform off-the-shelf modules.


Is there any particular need for your laboratory that these modules don’t fulfill? 

We are not restricted to these modules, we can always develop custom modules to fulfill any client needs. Please Contact us and we will find a solution for you.

Our platform is a light and user friendly software that can be access and used in all parts of your institution where an internet-ready device (PC, Tablet, Smart phone) is available. The access is password protected and there is no restriction on the number of users.

The software is web-based and developed using open-source technologies.

Because it is web-based, it is recommended to be installed in a web-server to be always accessible and over the web. Nevertheless it can be installed locally, in one machine and only accessible from it or accessible from other machine through the local network.

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