Animals and Facility Management Manage your Bioterium easilly from the Animals to the Facilities with this module

Animal Facilities Management Module

Animals and Facility Management module was created to deal with all the aspects of any animal facility management. It can be used as a standalone module, but when using along with “Projects” and “Orders” modules it take the animal facilities / bioterium management and research to another level.

Using the “Projects” module it is possible to create an Animal Experiments Study Plan (AESP), that, when fully authorized, generates a new Housing request, to the Responsibles for the animal facilities.

Animals and Facility Management Module overview

When an housing request is accepted, an Animal order request is created directly in the “Orders” module and on animal arrival (order arrived), the system enters the “virtual” animals directly into a transfer zone. After this, the Bioterium responsible can then Drag&Drop the animal on the respective cage and all animal changes on the system are logged and its researcher informed.

Also, on pointer-over it is possible to quickly review some information about each animal and on click it is possible to edit its information or add some observation. Rooms, racks and cages can be added or removed dynamically by the Bioterium Manager.

Performing actions

  • Manage Animals Profile
  • Animals/Cage
  • Cage/Racks