Equipments Management Equipments & Facilities Management Module

Equipments & Facilities Management Module

Equipments Management module was designed to allow the complete management of all the equipments in a lab and the labs (facilities) it self.

It includes the management of information/details complete profile, status, maintenance, calibration, authorized users, associate EOP (Equipment Operating Procedures), etc..

equipments management profile

With the equipments management module it is also possible to manage the users that are authorized to use the equipment. This is particularly useful for equipments that require formation and are defined to be restricted to certain group of researchers. In fact, this module, also allows the management of the training and formation on required equipments, through an interactive form where the researcher ask for training on a specific equipment and it is managed by the equipment responsible.

equipments management booking

This module also includes a booking agenda tool for each equipment. If defined, the equipment gets an online agenda where authorized users are allowed to book the equipment. The booking events are also available at the researchers personal agenda(see: Users Module) where each researcher can see all the booked equipments. This agenda can, also, be connected to any personal Google’s Account allowing all the events to be synchronized with the personal Google Calendar.

The maintenance and calibration periods can be defined for each equipment to automatically generate the Calibration and Maintenance Plan (ISO 9001:2008) and the status is logged over time (ISO 9001:2008). Every equipment has its own Interventions history where all the intervention, either internal or external, or either maintenance or calibration are registered in a log and the reports or any other document uploaded. This allows a complete track of all the history on the equipments interventions.


  • Booking
  • Maintenance Plan
  • User restriction
  • Calibration Plan
  • Formation