Laboratory Orders and Stocks Management Manage all laboratory orders and its stocks with this module

Orders & Stocks Management

Laboratory Orders and Stocks Management module allows the complete management of the orders made by the organization.

The orders start by a request made by a researcher under each research plan and controlled by the Lab Manager.

Orders request can be shared by several researchers to divide the products and to reduce the imputed costs.

Laboratory Orders Management

When validated by the Lab Manager orders can be grouped and sent to suppliers by a preformatted email with all the information, including a sequential and unique PO Number (Purchase Order Number) for control on arrival. Orders details include information for supplier evaluation according to ISO 9001:2008.

When a product arrives, several information is updated online (batch, expire date (alerts), hazard codes,…) and a unique number (ISO 9001:2008) is generated for each product.

This allows to control stocks and the quality of the products. This way the stock is fed by the “orders” on arrival.

Laboratory Orders Management Stock

 Access to stock update is restricted by user level (Lab Managers) and products are sent automatically to “Out of Stock” when amount is defined to zero.

One of the most recent features of the Laboratory Orders Management Module is the ability to generate useful labels that can be printed in a label printer and sticked to the respective product on arrival.

The label includes the product unique number, its description or name and the expire date and a QRCode.

The use of one of the most state of the art codification codes, like the QRCode, allows the use of any computer or smartphone equipped with a simple webcam to read this code and retrieve information about this product.

Laboratory Orders Management Label

Another recent feature included in the Laboratory Orders and Stocks Management module is the use of this code to do checkout or checkin of the product from the stocks with accuracy and minimum effort by the laboratory managers and researcher.

For research groups with several laboratories the use of this kind of label could help the researcher and lab manager or technicians to keep track of all products in real-time and reduce the waste of lost products in the shelfs.

Performing actions

  • Stock update
  • Order Sharing
  • Suppliers Management and Statistics Catalogue
  • PO Number
  • Supplier evaluation
  • QRCode Labels