Quality Document System Management Quality Document Management System Support Module

Quality Document System Management

quality document system management overview

Quality Document System Management module allows the organization and numbering control of the document according to ISO 9001:2008.

According to ISO 9001:2008 all documents in an organization must be created from an update, empty, numbered and well formatted template.

Quality Document System module allows a complete control of all documents/templates versions uploaded into the platform, keeping record of the old versions and assuring the download only of the latest version of either each document or the respective template to create a new one.

General docs and its templates can be uploaded in several (all) formats, including, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf.

The system doesn’t make any changes in the uploaded document, it only indicates the unique number and version of the document.

This means that, virtual, any document can be introduced in the system, as long as the user follows all the instructions.

quality document system management editor

But, for documents, such as “Procedures”, that require a more restricted version control, Quality Document System Management module includes an online document creation tool with an intuitive “word” like called CKEditor interface with special characters, tables, graphics and images (uploaded to the server). This module controls totally the versioning of the documents and revisions.

Performing actions

  • Upload new templates
  • Download latest version
  • Submit Preventive Actions
  • Upload template revisions of each template
  • Submit Corrective Actions
  • Upload documents based on latest template version