Research Projects Management Manage all your projects or research plans

Projects Management Module

Research Projects Management module is one of the major modules.

research projects management statistics graphIt was developed to allow the full management of all the research projects and all the individual research plans designed under their scopes. It includes several graphic tools to support the Principal Investigator or projects responsible to follow all projects activities, including all active researcher involved in the project, all expenses made through each project and all the ongoing results upload by each researcher under their individual “Research Plans”.

The “Individual Research Plans” are small projects plans defined by/for each researcher that includes a research plan and a complete budget for its execution. Using this budget, researchers can submit/register orders requests and follow its state under this module.

research projects management indivudal research plan

“Individual Research Plans” have the flexibility to be extended or deviated, but cannot be changed. The is the possibility to introduce deviations, with changes to the research plan or the budget.

Other feature included in this module, is the possibility to register the research results as they are obtained, using the “Individual Research Plans” electronic logbook, where the researcher can instantly introduce pictures, tables, notes, etc… 

At the end of the research plan period, the researcher must write a report. This report is, once again, made online, under the respective “Individual Research Plans”. All the ongoing results previously registered in the research plan log are included in the reports results field for edition.

At the end, and with this module, all the information of all the research activities already finished are stored creating a database with all its information.


Tasks based management on Projects Module - Due to quality demands, a better control of the research projects had to be implemented. Therefore a Milestones based management was implemented on Projects Module. This new feature allows researchers to create a better...

Performing actions

  • Individual research plan & reports
  • Individual budget balance
  • Material/Reagents order requests
  • Online results recording
  • Projects financial Data
  • Projects Profiles Management
  • Projects statistics
  • Orders & research plans under each projects
  • Electronic logbook