Users Management Module Module developed for Users Management with very useful users tools

User Management Module

Users Management, is a module transversal to the entire platform and one of its main core modules, that allows the complete management of the users.

Users Management it is a module that provides the ability to identify and control the users logged into the platform. This includes, but is not limited to, the regular user to edit and manage its own profile and the administrators to list, filter by status, add new users directly, edit each user profile, change user status, users connections, and define its belonging group.


Although it is always possible to add users directly to the database, Users Management module allows intermediate level users, such as Supervisors/Project leaders to submit “New Users Requests” for a moderated (by the administrators) addition to the database.

The belonging groups defines each users access profile and Supervisors/Project leaders define the connection between each researcher and its superior.

The work timeframe defines the period of work of each researcher and it is used to restrict the access to the platform and the laboratories after entering the permanence period.

Other major asset available in this module is the “Vacations Plan” where all the users can define their annual vacations plan and this can be managed by their supervisors and director.